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About Burntwoods Church

                                                                                                   Burntwoods Church is open INDOORS!
Below is some important information about our current Sunday morning format. Of course, if you fall into an at-risk group we encourage you to stay home and enjoy the live-stream until you feel ready to return. 
Here are the details for indoor worship this week…
– Sunday School for all ages is meeting at 9:30
– There will be ONE SERVICE at 10:45
– At Burntwoods Church we practice “Family Worship” which means all children are invited to attend the main worship service with their families. Don’t worry about your children being too loud. There will be a TV set up in the fellowship hall streaming the service if you need to step out with your child. 
– Nursery is available beginning at 10:40.
– Please wear masks if you are moving around inside the building. Once you reach your seat in the sanctuary feel free to remove your mask. 
– NOTE, there are several rows of reserved seating toward the rear of the sanctuary for those who feel more comfortable wearing a mask during the entire worship service. If you choose to sit in this are please wear a mask at all times.
– Please wash your hands!
– We will be live-streaming the service if you are not comfortable returning this week
We look forward to seeing you soon and worshipping Jesus TOGETHER! 

Burntwoods Church exists for one reason:

To lead people into a growing relationship with the person of Jesus Christ.

Our Goal is simple. We want to be a church that helps every person have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter where you are on this journey. You may be testing the waters of faith or you may be someone who has been growing with Jesus for a long time. It doesn’t matter to us. We want to create an environment where every person, regardless of their past or present life situation, can feel safe to grow!

About Burntwoods Church
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