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Children's Ministries

Our desire is to create an environment for children. A place where they can learn about what it means to follow Jesus in a way that is most engaging for THEM! 


Worship time at Burntwoods Church includes a fun and engaging program just for children. With a focus on providing a welcoming, age appropriate place, just for children to learn and grow in Jesus. 

Childrens Ministries at Burntwoods Church
Children at Burntwoods Church


Starting in January 2018, we have adopted the AWANA Program’s Sparks and Truth-in-Training (TNT) curriculum for our KidZone sessions. These AWANA clubs provide a fun, non-denominational way to teach elementary school children about God, Jesus, and the Bible. Through positive encouragement, children are motivated to actively participate in the Clubs handbook activities. As they progress in their handbooks, they earn awards and patches that can then be proudly displayed on their club uniform.


Our goal in adopting the respected and proven AWANA curriculum is to instill a Bible-based understanding of, and love for, God and His Son Jesus in our kids. An understanding that leads to their genuine salvation and plants the seeds of life-long service for God.

ChildrenMinistries at Burntwoods Church