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Please have a look at where and how Burntwoods Church is involved globally

If you are interested in becoming involved please contact Pastor Brian

Burntwoods Church Missions


2009 – Present

Burntwoods Church has made a commitment to be involved in cross-cultural ministry in the Caribbean region. The work began several years ago when Burntwoods Church began working with children in a small community on the island of Antigua. Recently Burntwoods Church has partnered with the local Antiguan government as well as community leaders to reach the young people of Antigua through sports camps and initiatives. 

Ghana/West Africa

2012 – Present

Since 2012 Burntwoods Church has been able to form a strong partnership with a local church in the western region of Ghana. We have had the privilege of working alongside our partners in Ghana as well as helping mobilize them for their mission to unreached/underserved villages in the region. Burntwoods Church plans to continue to partner with indigenous church leaders to assist them in their efforts to take the Gospel to the many unreached people groups in Sub-Saharan Africa.

ghana missions
Burntwoods Church Missions

Southeast Asia

2014 – Present

Burntwoods Church has formed partnerships in southeast Asia and is assisting in meeting the needs of educators there.

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